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  1. Register now: As a KWPN-member, you can registrate the foal online on My KWPN. Registration for KWPN-members. If you are not a member, you can fill in the foal registration form. Registration for non-KWPN-members
  2. Transfer of horse registration. With this form, you can send in an application to change the Registered party of a horse. The change of Registered party can only be completed after we receive the official registration paper (A4 with pedigree and red-white-blue edge) of the horse. Please send this within 10 working days to the KWPN. When you entered this horse for an inspection, IBOP, Pavo or Blom Cup, please hand the registration paper over to the events secretary
  3. It is still possible to register for the photo and video days of the KWPN Online Foal Auctions
  4. The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses. Receive our newsletter filled with news, events and more
  5. The KWPN reserves the right to require DNA testing prior to issuing a replacement registration certificate / equine passport. The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses
  6. Participate in KWPN activities. Register home-bred horses. Free advertising at KWPN Horses for Sale. Become a member now. € 121.30 per year. KWPN Membership. Subscription to the montlhy digital KWPN Magazine (in Dutch) Free advertising at KWPN Horses for Sale. Become a member now
  7. Foal Registration; KWPN-NA Breeders Directory; KWPN Books; KWPN Predicates; KWPN Erkend Studbooks & Stallions; Affiliate Stallions; Stallions. Stallion Directory; Stallion Approval; Stallion Service Auction; KWPN-NA Stallion Directory & Handbook; Keurings. General Information. Keuring Information; Keuring Calendar; Scoring & Procedures. Keuring Procedures; Keuring Standard

KWPN Register B (with restrictions) Foals must be a minimum of four weeks old at the time of the keuring. Colts that have not completed their pedigree approval cannot enter the advice keuring, but may be premium graded with the other two-year-olds. Horses aged three or older and stallions for approval must be registered as follows: KWPN Foalbook or Studbook; KWPN Register A; KWPN Register B. Foal registration. By filling in this form, you start the registration process of a foal with KWPN. A number of data have already been entered for you, please check it and fill in the requested data, and if necessary, please adjust your (address) data in My Profile. If the foal is stabled in the Netherlands, your foal will be chipped by a KWPN passport consultant. If the foal is stabled abroad, you need to turn off the corresponding checkmark (chip by KWPN) Register A en Register B Om de gezondheid binnen de KWPN-fokkerij te waarborgen moeten Register A-paarden op latere leeftijd zelf aan aanvullende eisen voldoen om voor bepaalde predicaten in aanmerking te komen, tenzij de vader aantoonbaar heeft voldaan aan deze criteria Each foal that is eligible for KWPN registration will be assigned a breeding direction. Within that breeding direction the foal is entered into the Foalbook, Register A or Register B. Birth declarations that are returned to the office without a breeding direction will be assigned one. If the pedigree of the foal warrants another breeding direction the office retains the right to make the appropriate change after consultation with the breeder KWPN or Erkend Studbook registered stallions that have successfully been presented for Approval, have passed the KWPN veterinary requirements and performance test requirements. Approved stallions have been accepted into the Studbook. Outside stallions. Stallions that are registered with a KWPN Erkend studbook. These stallions are considered to be 'improvement' sires and are eligible for stallion approval at age three or older. Pedigrees and sport and/or offspring reports must be approved.

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  1. Lidmaatschap KWPN. Iedere maand het KWPN Magazine - In de Strengen; Onbeperkt toegang tot KWPN.tv; Gratis advertenties plaatsen op KWPN Horses for Sale; Word nu li
  2. Here you will find the most successful KWPN's in the registry! The Point System Leaderboard is based upon how many points your horse has racked up, which depends upon how much KWPN: Patterned Studbook and Registration About KWPN and Rule
  3. Direct naar. Direct naar. Registreer uw veulen. KWPN Database. Sportresultaten KWPN-paarden. Hengsten bij erkend stamboek goedgekeurd, nakomelingen rechtstreeks in veulenboek. Regio's
  4. g van de gepresenteerde informatie. De berekeningen hebben plaatsgevonden op basis van de beschikbare kennis van de populatiegenetica en de regels van uitvoering zijn vastgelegd in de reglementen en/of besluiten van bevoegde organen van het KWPN

The KWPN has been organizing various online auctions for 7 years with great success. There is interest in KWPN horses from all over the world and the KWPN horses are once again at the top of the WBFSH Rankings. KWPN horses are known for their health and talent for sport. The KWPN is happy to help you find the right horse and we can also help you arrange transport, rearing and insurance. You have come to the right place at the KWPN Login / Register Login Register Navigation Home Apps Games تست . Previous Next. Recommended for you . More . Editors' Choice Games . More . Editors' Choice Apps . More . Top Selling Paid Apps . More . Rising stars in Social Media . More . Most downloaded in Music Player . More . Hottest in Fitness App right now . More . Rising stars in Tools . More . Most downloaded in Action . More . Newe

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Registering your foal is simple. If you're a current member of the KWPN-NA or FHANA, begin by logging in to your account. From there, follow the prompts to foal registration. KWPN-NA. Once you're in your membership portal, register your foal and pay the fee. Fees increase with your horse's age, but you can save $50 per foal by registering them within 60 days of their birth. Another bonus for foals registered by 12/31 of their birth year is a lifetime USEF horse registration number. KWPN-Registry. Watch. Home ; About Us ; Gallery ; Favourites ; Journal ; Join our Group Send a Note. HARPG EXPO- KWPN . by jumpypony, May 6, 2021, 6:43:33 AM; Journals / Personal; Hello friends! Long time no see. I am so sorry for letting the group become as inactive as it did, and I greatly appreciate those who have bared with us and continued with their KWPN's. I am excited to announce I. 25th December 2020 28th December 2020. KWPN Online Stallion Auction. 20th November 2020 23rd November 2020. KWPN Online Broodmare Auction. 9th October 2020 12th October 2020. KWPN Online Veulenveiling 8. 2nd October 2020 5th October 2020. KWPN Online Veulenveiling 6. 25th September 2020 28th September 2020 Register B-hengsten kunnen - na goedkeuring van het Algemeen Bestuur - deelnemen aan het hengstenselectietraject om in aanmerking te komen voor KWPN goedkeuring. Om de fokkers te adviseren over hun merries en hun eventuele hengstenkeuze is het voornemen om komend voorjaar (afhankelijk van de mogelijkheden in het kader van de coronamaatregelen) een informatieve fokadvies dag te organiseren

KWPN horses in equestrianism. The Dutch Warmbloods of the KWPN register are some of the most outstanding sports horses in the world. In the UK, the best known is probably John Whitaker's former show jumping partner Milton, son of the Dutch Warmblood Marius, first owned by Caroline Bradley. Ferro, the magnificent black Dutch Warmblood stallion. KWPN International Membership. Subscription to the digital KWPN International magazine; Participate in KWPN activities; Full access to the KWPN Database; Register home-bred horses; Free advertising at KWPN Marketplace. Become a member. € 121.30 per year. KWPN Membership. Upon Registration, the Seller shall owe the KWPN a registration fee. The amount of the registration fee payable by the Seller to the KWPN per Horse, to be increased by a percentage of the Auction Price, will be announced for each Auction at Registration by means of a price list for that Registration. Upon sale of the Horse, the registration fee shall be settled with the proceeds from the Auction. In the case of a Buyback, the Seller will be invoiced for the registration fee Access to the KWPN-NA Portal, through which you can access information about yourself and your horses as well as register foals.; By way of the KWPN-NA Portal, current members are also able to place free advertisements of their KWPN-NA horses.; Enrollment in the Awards Program: The USDF All Breeds program first through fifth place in all divisions and categories, USEF year-end awards, ribbons.

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  1. CommunitySee All. 3,054 people like this. 3,319 people follow this. About See All. 4037 Iron Works Parkway Suite 140 (1,856.88 mi) Lexington, KY, KY 40511. Get Directions. (859) 225-5331
  2. Registries: KWPN Register B Location: Freeville New York, United States Foaled: 2021 Gender: Colt Height: 15.3 Dressage Training Level: Dressage Showing Level: Eventing Training Level: Eventing Showing Level: Hunters: Jumping: Full Details. Koenatti . For Sale. $30,000 USD. Dutch Warmblood. Meet Koenatti aka Remi. He's a talented 6yo 16.2h KWPN bachelor looking for new dates. Remi is a well.
  3. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art
  4. A Dutch Warmblood is a warmblood type of horse registered with the Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), which governs the breeding of competitive dressage and show jumping horses, as well as the show harness horse and Gelderlander, and a hunter studbook in North America. Developed through a breeding program that began in the 1960s.

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If the sire of a KWPN Certificate of Pedigree mare is KWPN Approved, Erkend or registered in the KWPN Foalbook and the mare is Warmblood/Thoroughbred breeding for three generations, her offspring will qualify for Register A. Otherwise the foal will qualify for Register B only. Foals with one Hunter parent will be registered as a Hunter type. Horses may be accepted into Dressage or Jumper by. Pferd verkaufen? Es ist nun noch einfacher eine Anzeige zu platzieren. Viele extra Möglichkeiten und Verkaufshilfen. Jede Anzeige erscheint automatisch auf allen Webseiten.Pferde kaufen oder Pferde verkaufen ist sehr einfach Deelname veulens register A aan veulenwedstrijden Veulens uit het register A kunnen deelnemen aan de veulenwedstrijden. Afhankelijk van de stokmaat van de vader zullen de veulens uit register A ingedeeld worden bij de kleine en grote maat. Er wordt steeds gestart met de kleine maat. De jury beslist over eventuele wijzigingen

Neem contact op via selectsale@kwpn.nl. BTW: 50% BTW, 50% geen BTW WFFS: Geen drager D-OC/Genoom: 101, akkoord Sperma onderzoek: (nog) niet beschikbaar. Verkoper garandeert voldoende resultaat. To have access to the Documents, please register or . Register Sign in . Need help? Call +49 (0)611 3608060. • °2005 • KWPN registered • Rhodium x Jazz x Doruto x Heidelberg x Amor • Bred by A.J. Van Os, the Netherlands • Out of the succesfull KWPN damline of Kjento and Mowgli V.O.D. • Full... Haras de Quarebbe. January 10 · Licensed dressage stallion Glamourdale has won the title 'KWPN Horse of the year 2020' ! He's the sire of our first foal Ubuntu de Quarebbe. In 2019. To give you the best possible tailored experience on our website, we use various cookies, including cookies from third parties. By clicking on an item on our website, you agree to our use of cookies #KWPN-Registry gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. PaintedWisely 3 Deviations Featured: Character Sale (CLOSED) Serendipppitous 1 Deviation Featured: KWPN Adopts (2/6 open) PRICES REDUCED. StarrMountainEstate 1 Deviation Featured: Warmblood Adopt Batch I 5/6 {OPEN} osteophaguss 1 Deviation Featured: Bareback Group Hack YHH (CLOSED) Other Adverts. Journal. Need Training on Your Horses. Once your horse has earned 40KP, AND is the sire or dam of at least 2 KWPN registered horses that between them have earned at least 30 Keuring Points, they are eligible to be registered with the KWPN as a PREFERENT horse. If you have any questions about the Keuring Point system, please comment on this journal with them, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible . 26 Comments. KWPN Keuring.

First Mare: KELLY (EKSTEIN X LE MEXICO), KWPN , 1992 ; Name Year Sire Sex Studb. Appr. Predicates Sport Int. result Introducing Phantasia THF, a KWPN registered, flashy filly out of H. Bonita Goodshapes by Knight of Hearts THF. We've run a complete color panel and pattern tests on Phantasia and she DNA tested homozygous tobiano (she'll throw the pinto color pattern every time), heterozygous black (she carries a dominant black gene and a recessive red gene), and is negative for everything else Kingston TW is a KWPN registered Stallion by DHH stallion Gelviro x DHH mare Fanita TW. born May 3 2015. He is offered for sale from Menno Frey Badjeros, Ont.. KWPN. NLD003200811054. VIVALDI* ch 1.70 m 2002 KWPN. NLD003NL0211011. KRACK C* b 1.69 m 1992 KWPN. NLD003199205860. FLEMMINGH* br 1.70 m 1987 HOLSTEINER. 87.8107 STB WPN. LACAPO* gr 1.68 m 1980: LANDGRAF I* b 1.70 m 1966: LARSA: gr 1.63 m 1974: TEXAS* dkb/br 1.73 m 1981: CARNEVAL* blk/br 1.68 m 1974: LEDUSA: b 1.65 m St.Pr.St. 1974: GICARA II b 167 cm 1988 KWPN. 88.5197 STB WPN. BEAUJOLAIS* b. KWPN Register B Colt Waterford (Consul/Farmer) Fly Cat xx (Catienus by Storm Cat/Meadowlake) KWPN Register A Colt 2019 Sire. Dam. Eligibility. Sex. Sire: Waterford (Consul/Farmer) Moika de la Chevauchee GOV, KWPN Register A Filly Waterford (Consul/Farmer) DePhilomina aka Meiomi.

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Registration is possible via 'My KWPN' at www.kwpn.nl. * Also on foal inspection in Oud-Turnhout, foals can be chipped and sketched for free. Translated. See All. Videos. Hierbij ook nog een klein stukje van de hengst Guardian S die vandaag eveneens aan de start kwam op de pavo cup! 37. 8. See All . Photos. See All. See More. Goliath - KWPN Stallion. 193 likes. Goliath - 16.2 hand DHH stallion born in 2011, by Vaandrager HBC out of Kelarda (by Fortissimo). He is registered with both the KWPN & the ADHHA BIG announcement for anyone with a Register B or a non-Erkend studbook horse! These horses can now participate in KWPN keurings! Here is a list of the new rules. Other restrictions may apply, so keep.. The KWPN breed society has released the statistics about foal birth in 2016, which led to the conclusion that Glamourdale was the most popular KWPN breeding stallion in 2015. In 2016 the KWPN breed society registered 10,033 foals in total, of which 4,006 foals were dressage bred, 5,296 were jumping bred and 731 were harness bred or Gelderlander Register. Fill in your data and you will receive a code by email. I hereby confirm to enter only truthful information into the database and I accept the general terms and conditions. Additions and changes to the data are made temporarily on your behalf. In case of doubt, we will ask you for further information

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The international Sales website for sport horses and breeding horses of all studbooks ♞♞♞ This eye catching 3 year old is a rare find. Beautiful gates and face with impressive height. Currently he is approximately 175cm and still growing. Still a little green but very easy to handle. Loves attention and cuddles. An outstanding pedigree! High Five U.S. belongs to Hengstenstation van Uytert. Negro - KWPN Stallion of the Year 2017

Registered Names for Dutch Warmbloods. When it comes to registered names for your Dutch Warmblood horse, things can get a little more difficult. The KWPM requires that registered dutch warmblood names adhere to the following rules: Maximum of 20 letter positions. Start with a letter determined by the General Board based on the year of Birth MOOIMAN ch. C, KWPN, 1994 MOOIMAN* ch 16:2 1994 KWPN. Competing Inter I, training GP. FLEMMINGH* br 1.70 m 1987 HOLSTEINER. 87.8107 STB WPN. LACAPO* gr 1.68 m 1980 HOLSTEINER. DE321210061580. LANDGRAF I* b 1.70 m 1966 HOLSTEINER. DE321210391966 . LADYKILLER* b 16.1 1961 : SAILING LIGHT* ch 16.1 1949: LONE BEECH: b 16.1 1939. KWPN horses have proven extremely successful at the sports of dressage and showjumping. Valegro, with Charlotte Dujardin, won the individual gold at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, the team gold at. He is by the Keur KWPN stallion Farrington. proven producer of top Grand Prix dressage horses, including Michigan, Limited Edition and more. Farrington is a known for producing uphill, powerful movers with good knee and hock action. Karrington MG is no exception! Farrington is one of the few Dutch stallions with the famous dressage stallion Doruto in his blood. Doruto sired many top dressage. New Horse FEI Registration. $35 - 2021 Horse FEI Registration. Register a horse with the FEI for the first time. If your horse requires an EA National Passport (based on your answers to this form) this will be added automatically. There is also the option to purchase an FEI Passport/Recognition Card if required

Evangelina is a super 16. 2hh 12 year old KWPN Registered warmblood bay mare by Burggraaf. A super £ 8,750. 1 photo. 16.3 2007 QUIDAM DE REVEL MARE. Colour Bay. Gender Mare. Height 16.3 hands. Breed KWPN. 16. 3 2007 KWPN mare Fantastic bloodlines Three balanced expressive paces Basic lateral work £ 5,500 . 5 photos. Beautiful 16.2 KWPN gelding 9 years old . Colour Bay. Gender Gelding. KWPN stallion; born 2008; 16.2 hands (Camerino) x elite sport mare by Dominard x ster,prok,sport mare by Graaf Grande x prok,preferent,prestatie by Renville; Amazing pedigree, top mover and an athletic and powerful jump. 2nd round KWPN stallion selections! This all combined with a super temperament make this young stallion a true dream horse. Kami sarankan agar anda semua register i-Akaun ini kerana ia sangat memudahkan urusan pada masa akan datang. Dengan i-Akaun juga, anda boleh semak penyata KWSP untuk melihat berapa baki yang tinggal. Andai kata anda terlupa nombor akaun, jemput baca cara check KWSP guna No IC. Semoga bermanfaat. Categories KWSP Tags cara daftar i akaun kwsp, cara daftar i akaun kwsp online, daftar epf i akaun. 2019 Annual Report to Members. In March 2019 WSI reached the 10th year of operating Ireland's progressive studbook for modern sport horses. Thank you to all of our Members, breeders, and supporters who are looking ahead to the next ten years with us! More. Oct 2021 Search and find horses with pedigrees, tournament results, videos and much more information about equestrian spor

Der Marktplatz von reitsport.ch bietet Reitern eine Plattform zum Ankauf und Verkauf von Pferden und Artikeln rund um das Thema Reitsport. Wer Reit- oder Pferdezubehör, eine Reitgelegenheit, einen Reitstall, einen Reiterhof für Reiterferien oder gar ein Pferd oder Pony sucht oder anzubieten hat, findet auf dieser Seite das richtige Zielpublikum Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN) 2002. year. show all data ; Dad. Negro; father of mother. Gershwin; Show extended pedigree. rimondo - dein Pferdenetzwerk. Pferd. report profile . Videos. video of Valegro . 01.08.2018. video of Valegro. 23.12.2016. video of Valegro. 16.12.2016. upload your videos Show all 18 videos. There are many reasons for rimondo. Huge database More than.

KWPN (640 kHz, ESPN Radio 640) is a commercial AM radio station licensed to Moore, Oklahoma, and serving the Oklahoma City Metroplex. It is owned by Cumulus Media and airs a sports radio format. While Cumulus owns three sports stations in Oklahoma City, 98.1 WWLS-FM and AM 930 WKY have mostly local shows on weekdays while 640 KWPN carries mostly syndicated programming from ESPN Radio. The. Looking for online definition of KWPN or what KWPN stands for? KWPN is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms KWPN is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronym NZWA Rating 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star 0 Star. Colour Appaloosa Bay Black Brown Dark Brown Buckskin Chestnut Cremello Dun Grey Liver Chestnut Palomino Perlino Tobiano Roan Silver Bay. Height (cm) 145 178. 145 178. 145 — 178. Studbook of Birth NZWB NZWB Pony ACE AUS WB KWPN Hann NZ Hann Holst NZ Holst Rhein NZ Rhein BWP Zang West SF AES Trak. Edward Gal won a remarkable 12th Dutch national dressage title with a victory riding the nine-year-old Hannoverian- and KWPN-approved stallion Glock's Total US (Totilas... Top 10 WBFSH Sire Ranking directly KWPN-recognized . Jun 9, 2021. The KWPN currently holds first place in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Studbook Ranking for dressage, jumping, and eventing. A. Search hundreds of premium horses for sale, from all rounders to top eventers. With a selection of breeds, ages and sizes, Horse Scout will have the horse for yo

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KWPN NA PORTAL. Do you not have credentials, then click on 'What is my membercode' and fill in the requested information Search Tips. Please Note: The search categories, Available In and Available For, were recently added to the Stallion Guide search options. It may take some time for SBS Affiliate Labs to update the records for each of their stallions. Please feel free to email (info@selectbreeders.com) for further information Cordelia STF (Cora) is a branded, registered (KWPN) Dutch Warmblood mare. 11 yo, stunning bay with two white socks, gets dapples in the summer. Cora clips, loads, ties, and stands for the vet, farrier, and dentist. UTD on shots and Coggins. She is barefoot, has excellent feet

KWPN Authorizes the Registration of Foals Born out of KWPM Mares by Purebred Spanish Stallions In 2018, the KWPN Stud Book opened up to genetic diversity among its Dressage horses by allowing the progeny of KWPN stallions and Purebred Spanish (PRE) mares to be registered in its A Register Because the long-legged black colt is Oldenburg registered, he could not be invited to the premium ring at the 2020 KWPN Stallion Licensing in 's Hertogenbosch, which concluded on 1 February 2020. The stallion will need to do his stallion performance test in Ermelo, The Netherlands this spring or autumn to receive a licensed status and to have permission to breed for the KWPN society. Because. He has been awarded Preferent status - the highest possible award in KWPN breeding, with three of his KWPN-approved sons coming first, second and third in the stallion class (1.40m -1.50m) at the 2020 KWPN stallion show. Rider Willem Greve says that he has unlimited scope and with his power, he can jump all the classes in the world. Galaxie van Godselbos (Contact van de Heffinck X Fuego.

Registered by KWPN. Type: Breed Shows, Keurings, Broodmare. Breeder: M. Hendriksen-De Rijk. Height: 16.1 H . Inquire About Kandyvrouwe, Star/Prov. Keur/D-OC Kandyvrouwe is a top quality 2015 KWPN mare by Glock's Toto, Jr. N.O.P. and out of Fergievrouwe, Elite/Preferent/Sport by Bordeaux, Keur. Prior to importation, she was awarded the Star predicate and is Provisional Keur. With a pedigree. Registered office. European Sport Horse Auction vzw Lobroekstraat 20 BE-3990 PEER, Belgium VAT: BE0506.744.727 Bank Argenta Belgiu As well as the 1.55m showjumper Frederiks (by Carambole) and the KWPN-approved stallion Heathrow (by Der Senaat 111) that is active in the 1.40m classes. Questions about the veterinary report or would you like to receive the xrays? Please contact selectsale@kwpn.nl. VAT: No WFFS: Carrier D-OC/Genomics: 103, acceptable Semen: Goo Are you not registered at KWPN's auction page yet? This can be done easily, for free and quickly via www.kwpn.auction. We will also keep you informed of all KWPN auctions during the year. Invest in the future and take a look at the collection now,make your choice and place your bid! The KWPN inspector is happy to provide you more information about the collection. Contact the KWPN inspector. An amazing beautiful KWPN Mare by Landlord, a very smart horse and a fast learner, can do everything: dressage, flat work, jumping, hack; she is fully perfectly trained and a good listener; she can do anything by voice command, no whip no speurs needed; calm not spooky; very good for medium to advanced rider ; she is very lovely and a very special horse that everyone can fall in love ; she is.


Filly, bay, KWPN, 14 March 2021 At her selection, Ruby VDV immediately charmed the Prinsjesdag-selectors Cas van der Oord and Lauw van Vliet; this filly is striking with her beautiful front, charm and appearance. Ruby VDV also has an excellent pedigree. Sire First Date brings in the well-known genes of Fürstenball and scored 83.5 points in the KWPN performance test. Ruby VDV's dam Hinola M. Totilas KWPN Hengst Totilas KWPN Hengst created by labe9188. ADD TO GAME (102.4 MB) Save file . Add to Favorites. Recommend It your game is automatically registered to your account. You do not need to re-register your serial code with TheSims3.com. Congratulations! You have successfully registered your The Sims 3 game. You can now claim your 1000 FREE Simpoints to spend at the Sims 3. He sired no less than 369 foals born in 2017 and registered KWPN. Five hundred show jumping, dressage and Gelderlander colts have been entered for the pre-selection days which take place between 27 November 2019 - 10 December 2019. The dressage colts pre-selection takes place 3 - 7 December 2019 and 272 colts are entered for that. Toto Jr has 29 offspring entered. The second best represented. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

2017: KWPN Stallion Competition Finals ~ 4th Place used in all stallion reports to various breed registries and is used to generate a Breeding Certificate so that you can register your foal. Links and Downloads. Download a Mare Breeding Passport; Submit a Foal Announcement. REGISTRATION & FUTURITY INFORMATION . Your mare's registration and approval play just as important of a role as the. In Nederland zijn de liefhebbers van deze kleurrijke paarden verenigd in het Nederlands Appaloosa Stamboek, opgericht in 1967. Het fokdoel is het verkrijgen van correcte, rijtypische paarden en pony's goed bruikbaar in de sport en de recreatie. Natuurlijk met die ene unieke extra eigenschap: de Appaloosa vlekken Foals with competitive potential will sell for thousands, even tens of thousands of pounds, while unregistered pony foals can sell for less than £100.00. When breeding to sell on, consider that registered ponies and horses will always have greater value in the market. Preparation for sale needs to begin early References November deals 2019 Nov 18, 2019 > Nov 25, 2019 January deals 202 KWPN may refer to: . Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland, the registry for the Dutch Warmblood breed of horse, Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands), also sometimes used to designate a horse of the breed; Former call sign for radio station KTIC-FM; KWPN (AM), an Oklahoma City radio station associated with ESPN and WWLS-F

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KWPN is an abbreviation for the studbook of the Dutch Warmblood: Koninklijke Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland. The dam line of this breed originates from the domestic, heavy breeds Gelderland and Groningen horse. The home-grown mares have been crossbred with stallions from other warmblood breed More about the horse breed KWPN. Breed KWPN. Type Warmblood. Gender Gelding. Age 4 years. Try Premium 0. Price Lis

KWPN Championships: unprecedented successes for former andJerenzo TexelBocellies Matteo
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