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Looking for a List of the Best, Safest and Low Fee Online Brokers? Find out who made it to the top of this year's list and open a trading account with them Bekommen Sie aktuelle Beiträge und Anlagestudien - noch vor der öffentlichen Publikation. Infos vom Finanzmarkt - lukrativ, exklusiv und auf den Punkt Definitely, BTFD is an acronym for Buy The Fuc*ing Dip and this is actually an advice to other traders in a situation where the price of a coin hit its bottom. If many analysts and strategists think that the price of a certain coin cannot go any lesser than the price that it has reached to (at this point of time), they will definitely advice BTFD. Smart traders should analyse a little more just to avoid being misled and invest henceforth on that particular coin. Here also.

Je länger die aktuelle Aufwärtsbewegung der Aktien anhält, desto mehr Anleger kennen den Ausspruch BTFD (Buy The Fucking Dip). Dabei handelt es sich um eine einfache Darstellung von Zusammenhängen, die seit 10 Jahren funktionieren. Jeder Rücksetzer im Markt stellte sich im Nachhinein, als gute Gelegenheit Aktien zu erwerben dar BTFD is an acronym for Buy the f(reak)ing dip, a strategy that basically calls for buying an instrument as its price declines in what is believed to be a short term retracement or pullback, aka dip in price. Opposite of STFR

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  1. dset is focused around one thing and one thing only: dips are life. Say that with me..
  2. BTFD stands for Buy The F'ing Dip. STFR stands for Sell The F'ing Rip. I would like to take moment to educate the masses on these two terms. If you run certain circles, you already know what BTFD and STFR mean
  3. BTFD Trading. 74 likes. This Company has been set up by Trading Guy to help anyone who is new to Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency interested in learning how to Trade or simply just Invest which in our world..
  4. Online traders of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin tend to speak in impenetrable jargon, heavy on acronyms, slang terms, and hashtags. Some of it is borrowed from traditional finance, but the..

opader@gmail.com. SPX: S&P 500 Index SMA: Simple Moving Average. DJI: Dow Jones Industrial Index EMA: Exponential Moving Average. DJT: Dow Jones Transportation Index PDL: Primary Downtrend Line. NAZ: NASDAQ Composite Index PUL: Primary Uptrend Line. RUT: Russell 2000 Index ASL: Active Support Line Risk Warning : Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss of some or all of your investment and therefore you should not invest money that. Discover Our Brand. Keep scrolling or click the banners below for shortcut

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Trading; Sonstiges; Kredite; Home » Blockchain » HODL',Whale, BTFD und anderer Krypto-Slang erklärt im Krypto Lexikon. Blockchain. HODL',Whale, BTFD und anderer Krypto-Slang erklärt im Krypto Lexikon . Matt F. Gomez 12/11/2020 0. Mit all der Aufmerksamkeit auf Bitcoin und Krypto ist der Jargon, der einst nur für Insider-Witze in frühen Krypto-Währungs-Chatrooms und auf. btfd — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost btfd — Sehen Sie sich die Trading Ideen, Strategien, Meinungen und Analysen absolut kostenlos an! — Indikatoren und Signal

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  1. BTFD is offering Moneta Bot—custom-built trading software as a service (SaaS) that delivers plug and play automated trading for alternative cryptocurrencies a.k.a. altcoins Moneta Bot: The Basics. Who is Moneta Bot For? Traders People who want exposure to the high-yield altcoin market but don't have time to track the 1000+ coins. Investors Passively invested in the crypto markets but.
  2. Margin Trading. A term for 'trading with leverage'. In this instance of trading, you borrow one side of the trading pair at an agreed loan rate and sell it for the other side of the trading pair. Depending on the direction you believe the market to move, you may place a long or a short bet on the trading pair of concern. Long. A position that a trader takes. To take a long position on.
  3. BTFD means buy the f'n dip and refers to the idea of buying a stock or commodity during a price decline. Cries of BTFD date back to 2011 but have started surging again this month after some lulls. BTFD isn't so much a strategy; BTFD is a bullish anthem, battle cry and way of life. This is evident in how BTFD has been thrown around on StockTwits over the years — so lets take a quick look back
  4. BTFD is an indication that you should buy the coin when it has dumped so hard. The phrase Buy The F'g Dip was historically mentioned in stock markets. It is the advise to traders to pick up a stock during a price decline. In cryptocurrency the idea of BTFD is to buy a coin that has presumably hit its bottom
  5. g Is A Must. SGS Market Timer . As of the close of last Friday (2/5), the value of SGS was calculated to be +411 and the status of SGS remains LONG. S&P 500.
  6. btfd! — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signal

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  1. Bitcoin, in 2011, he said, went from 6 cents to 36 cents, then crashed. Months later, it went from 85 cents to approximately $29 before cratering to $3. In January 2014, bitcoin was trading above.
  2. g from a long stint with Forex trading. In Forex trading every trader follows the sample - buy low and sell high. So basically in the stock market, you are either a Bull or a Bear. It depends on which side of the trade you prefer
  3. BTFD - Buy The Short - trading term; Shorting bitcoin means selling first (before buying), with the expectation to buy the stock back at a lower price and realize a profit. Shill - The act of unsolicited endorsing of the coin in public. Traders who bought a coin has an interest in shilling the coin, in hopes of igniting the public's interest in that particular coin. Transaction.
  4. BTFD means Buy The Fucking Dip. BTFD is just an ultra-sophisticated way to say, When price retraces in an uptrend, go long
  5. er #btfd #verify #trust #code #second #layer #lightning #bank #store #value #freedom #money #rich #lifestyle #trading #investin

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TradingView UK. btfd — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signals. TradingView. EN. TradingView. Launch chart See ticker overview Search ideas Search scripts Search people. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now. In cryptocurrency trading, It is normal that the price will retrace more than 70% in bear market. The bear market, the coin will be accumulated for the next bull market to come. To benefit in this situation, we need to buy low. The price must be low enough before we can enter the market. This CTC BTFD Grid system is designed to proof the concept In practice, far removed from being a coherent trading strategy — owing to the impossibility of pinpoint predictions of every price dip or indeed the nigh-unpredictability of the long-term success of any asset — BTFD is nevertheless a distinct way of life for a crypto bull In 3 Schritten zum eigenen Portfolio. Top 5 Trading-Plattformen 2021. Jetzt vergleichen! 100% seriös. Wählen Sie aus den besten und renommiertesten Anbietern 2021 In the world of trading and investing, BTFD refers to Buy the F'ing Dip. Over the past few years, BTFD has been screamed by people who owned things like cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc) and more speculative stocks like Gamestop and AMC, to name a few. The idea is that hedge funds are conspiring to push these assets lower, and that retail traders should band together to BTFD. In.

No day trading. Buy and sell at market close. I'd like to time them so that I'm keeping cash for majority of the time. I don't aim to beat the market, but I do aim to outperform the market in bear and flat markets on average. So, one of the key metrics in my definition of dip is RSI. Your may vary. We all heard of undersold/overbought conditions. However the default RSI period is 14 days and. Algorithmic Trading is a perfect skill to pick up if you are looking for a sustained source of income outside of your full-time job. We are going to trade an Amazon stock CFD using a trading algorithm. The strategy is to buy the dip in prices, commonly known as Buy the f***ing dip or BTFD. This means that we enter a long trade when Amazon's stocks fall in the short term. Here are.

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  1. Simulate trading of AI strategies or any strategies possible in Trade Ideas. Enter Drawing for a n opportunity to win a Free Year of Trade Ideas Premium. Test Drive participants are automatically ente red into a random drawing, giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 prizes: 1 st Prize: Year of Premium: Value $2268 2 nd Prize: 1 month of TI Premium: Value $228 3 rd Prize: 1 month of TI Standard.
  2. Welcome to backtrader! A feature-rich Python framework for backtesting and trading. backtrader allows you to focus on writing reusable trading strategies, indicators and analyzers instead of having to spend time building infrastructure
  3. An Introduction to the stock market, that gives you straight to the point facts and will guide you through trading even in the worst conditions. Pandemic Tested, 2020 Approved
  4. Trading currencies and CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, you need to ensure that you understand the risks involved taking into account your.
  5. Swaggy Stocks. We created this 'Buy The Dip' paper-trading bot to buy into weakness and sell into strength. It's still fairly new and the algorithm will be getting updated. The bot starts with $100k in capital and will be reset January 1st every year. These are paper-trades, please do not follow them. Do your own due diligence before entering.
  6. Update your trading tools with this knowledge: Written by experienced trading educators. 5 essential strategies you'll need to survive. Learn when to step on the gas on a short trade How to flip a long strategy for successful shorts. Make simple, winning short volume plays Download your eBook now. 5 Ways to Win in a Post BTFD Market written by the trader education team at Trade Ideas . JAMIE.

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During this livestream, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets. Main discussion points: - Discussion: Is it time to BTFD or will BTC continue lower Best advice since the 2008/2009 market correction.DYODD this is just entertainment TradingView. Ticker, Name Trading Ideen Ausbildungsbereich Skripte Mitglieder Trading Ideen Ausbildungsbereich Skripte Mitgliede About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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  1. TradingView India. btfd — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signal
  2. Trading Strategy: A set of objective rules defining the conditions that must be met for a trade entry and exit to occur. Trading strategies include specifications for trade entries, including.
  3. Though forex trading has been in the industry since a long time, the binary options trading industry is also growing by leaps & bounds. Btfd Trading Strategy In the recent years, the binary options trading industry has observed a great impetus in its popularity. There are several benefits offered by the binary options trading to its traders
  4. The last day-trading frenzy in the 1999 wiped out most accounts in 2000 and 2001. In early May, I offered that we are close to a speculation-driven market top and DOGE is one of the strongest.

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Irgendwann wird sich dieser BTFD-Mechanismus umedrehen und dann zu einer besonders aggressiven Abwärtsbewegung führen. Vielleicht ist dieser Tag schon morgen, vielleicht auch erst nächstes Jahr. Da wir das aber nicht wissen und keine Glaskugel haben, ist erhöhte Vorsicht über den Sommer zwar angemessen, zu einer aggressiven Wette auf fallende Kurse sollten wir uns aber noch nicht. Retail Trader Apparel - Retail Trading Apparel. If you're YOLO-ing OTM calls, Holding the Line, or BTFD, you're in the right place. Apes everywhere agree, Retail Trader Apparel has the hottest gear to help you grow your portfolio in style. Signal to the right people that you belong with our brands that are based on actual Reddit trading lingo DeFi-Startup Nuri: Wir wollen weg von diesem kurzfristigen Trading. Es geht heiß her am Krypto-Markt. Zuerst explosionsartige Kursanstiege, dann ein heftiger Crash, schließlich geht es wieder aufwärts. HODL, BTFD, FUD lauten die Appelle, die durch Social Media fluten, Krypto-Charts erreichen Rekordaufrufe, Exchanges.

The perfect Btfd BuyTheDip Bitcoin Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor btfd- เช็คไอเดียในการเทรด, กลยุทธ์, ความคิดเห็น, บทวิเคราะห์แบบไม่เสียค่าใช้จ่าย! — ตัวชี้วัดและสัญญา

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BTFD - Buy The F*cking Dip - Funny Trading Mask Designed and sold by OnTheTrend $9.91. $7.93 when you buy 4+ Type. Flat 2-Layer. Size. Adjustable - 13+ Years. Add to cart. View size guide. Delivery. Express by June 9. Standard between June 9. OnTheTrend 2020. Follow. View OnTheTrend's shop. Similar designs. Explore similar designs from over 700,000 independent artists. Masks Tags. buy the. Strategi Perdagangan Btfd, smlouvy o rozdnlu u figurnn, ← cómo hacer dinero rápido de criptomoneda, investeren in ripple xrp waarom wel of niet? coinstart The secret of joy in work is contained in one word -- excellence buy the dip btfd sweatshirts & hoodies Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn mor ProRealTime wurde 2020 und 2021 zur besten Trading-Plattform gekürt. Gratis-Tes

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BTD/BTFD (Buy The (Fucking) Dip) BTD is short for Buy The Dip. When you add an F, and create the acronym BTFD, it stands for Buy The Fucking Dip. This is an expression used by cryptocurrency investors that believe that a downwards price movement is only temporary. Ratgeber Die beste Krypto-Börse wählen Erste Schritte mit Krypto-Währungen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen Investieren in ICOs Top 5. BTFD - Buy The Fucking Dip - Kauf jetzt ein in dem verdammten Kurseinbruch. Bullish - Trading - Das Wort ist abbgeleitet vom Bullenmarkt. Steigt der Coin oder besteht großes Potenzial hierzu, ist er in der Regel bullish . Das Gegenteil vom Bullen-Markt ist der Bärenmarkt (bearish). Buy- & Sell-Wall - Trading: Kauf/Verkauf-Anfragen werden oft grafisch dargestellt. Sieht. Simpler Trading's Traders and employees will NEVER manage or offer to manage a customer or individual's options, stocks, currencies, futures, or any financial markets or securities account. If someone claiming to represent or be associated with Simpler Trading solicits you for money or offers to manage your trading account, do not provide any personal information and contact us immediately

BTFD = Buy The Fucking Dip (an indication to buy a coin when it has dumped so hard) #17. DILDO = Long green or red candles #18. LONG SHITCOIN = A coin with no potential value or use #23. SHORT = Margin bear position [Used while Bitcoin Margin Trading] #24. SWING = Zig zag price movement (Upwards and downwards) #25. TA = Technical Analysis #26. LTV = Loan to Value Ratio [Used while Bitcoin. Margin trading with cryptocurrency allows traders to open a position with leverage and trade without putting up the full amount. Simply put, it increases your buying power through leverage on your existing positions/funds and allows you to buy more cryptocurrencies than what you usually can. Example: You have a capital of USD 10,000 and gets a 300% leverage on Bitcoin. Now, you can buy/short.

It may spike but always returns to a baseline. It is unlikely /biz/ keeps posting pink fields for days. So as a trading indicator, the window of opportunity is short. BTFD or short the dip quickly, no time for hesitation. Recent pink wojaks API. Maybe you want to create a trading indicator or trading algo. All requests must be GET requests (HTTP) In crypto, this strategy is sometimes referred to as BTFD (buying the f'n dip). It means buying when the price is low and selling when the price is high. Extensive application of both FA and TA techniques is necessary when using this strategy. Position trading (HODL) Also called trend trading or following the trend, this strategy involves long-term investing in assets. A trader. Trading; Legal; Guide; Research; Market Insight; Explore All; Courses. Free-Courses; Certifications; Videos; About Us; Login; BTFD . DCX Learn > BTFD. Acronym for Buy The F$%king Dip which is A less than savory phrase used when you're (enthusiastically) telling someone a currency has dipped to a low value and should be bought. Published on . Previous post . Next post. 0 comments Write. BTFD Bedeutung Von Dieser Abkürzung. Hier können Sie die astrologische Bedeutung für die Abkürzung btfd finden. Lesen Sie mehr über die vielen Bedeutungen dieses Begriffs und was es was heißt. Sie können auch direkt überspringen BTFD abkürzung, wo jeder Buchstabe einzeln erklärt ist Trading Experience Mode: Adjusts your lotsize from 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 (select,noob,fomo, expert, btfd,pro) Alternative Lotsize: Adjust your own lotsize if Trading Experience Mode = Select: TELEGRAM_TOKEN: Insert your Telegram_Token: PM @botfather within the telegarm application (search box

BTFD - Buy the F'ing Dip - Basically, if the price goes down buy. REKT - Basically means you lost all your money, or wrecked Bounce - A recovery and upward price movement. Leg - Next step in the journey, or next chapter. Often you may see me mention how something may be ready for a new leg, that means it may be ready to move up in the interum. (Re-Do) Support - Prior area where volume has. BTFD: Buy The Fucking Depression In order to fulfill their mission of illusion, central banks NEED investors to ignore all risk and continue to allocate capital as usual. Investors have come to believe that volatility is a buying opportunity. Which is why even as the magnitude of each crash has grown, the increasing dislocations have been assiduously ignored. This blog exists to point out the.

#uftrr $$ #btfd. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Menu. M1COOP.COM; Mission; Articles; Strategies; POSTS; Reviews; Events [ USDX Daily Upside Breakout or Fakeout ? ] GAMEPLAN WEDNESDAY 07/02/2017 . February 7, 2018 February 7, 2018 m1coop. GAMEPLAN MONDAY 02/05/2017 [ USDX Consolidating in a Down-Trend ] February 5, 2018 February 5, 2018 m1coop. Bitcoin krach, a może powrót do normalnych cen. Trading weekly options Option price, Volatility and liquidity in the options market place... is all it matters. Wednesday, May 17, 2017. NDX down $143 BTFD? NDX fell $143, almost a replay of 3/21 which put us in a box for a month until 4/21. The market gaped up out of that box on 4/22. What happened today could do the same? We trade in a box for a month and breakout after a month or stay in it.

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The Bitcoin price is trading below Willy Woo's NVT Price model. If we zoom out, these have historically been great buying opportunities - except right after a blow-off top. Unless you think that we have just hit an overall market cycle peak, this might be a good time to BTFD. Source: Willy Woo/Dilution Proof/Twitter Don't Miss a Beat - Subscribe to get crypto email alerts delivered. RBC Capital Markets say when it comes to US stocks, BTFD. Tue 6 Feb 2018 10:41:21 GMT. Author: Justin Low | Category: News. share . In a note written by strategist Lori Calvasina. Says that for. Seite 1 der Diskussion 'Tages-Trading-Chancen am Donnerstag den 25.03.2021' vom 24.03.2021 im w:o-Forum 'Daytrader' Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa ketika kita trading sebagai pemula pasti akan menemukan beberapa istilah untuk mendeskripsikan suatu keadaan, meskipun trading Aset Kripto dan trading Aset lainnya sama sama dalam istilah trading, tapi tetap memiliki beberapa perbedaan. Di bawah ini adalah beberapa istilah dalam trading kripto sering digunakan dalam chatting di situs trading yang mungkin anda. btfd — Semak idea dagangan, strategi, pandangan, hasil kajian secara percuma sesungguhnya! — Penanda dan Petunjuk. TradingView. MS. TradingView. Lancarkan carta See ticker overview Mencari Idea Cari Skrip Search people. Profil Tetapan Profil Akaun dan Pengebilan Kawan-kawan yang dirujuk Coin Tiket Sokongan Saya Pusat Bantuan Tema warna gelap Daftar Keluar Daftar masuk Naik taraf Naik taraf.

BTFD abbreviation. Define BTFD at AcronymFinder.com. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools AcronymFinder.com. Abbreviation to define. Find. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat global warming Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. What does BTFD stand for? Your abbreviation search. JPM: BTFD. A question facing most investors today is the outlook for equities, and more broadly market risk. This ties into the outlook for the COVID-19 recovery, inflation and various technical. BTFD: Buy the Fucking Dip, the crass, crypto slang way of encouraging investors to buy after a drop in price. NEWB: Someone who is new to buying, trading and the crypto community in general. OCD: Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder. In relation to crypto, OCD is when you obsessively check crypto markets. Pump & Dump: Deliberate market manipulation that occurs when large groups of. BTFD - Buy The Fucking Dip (an indication to buy a coin when it has dumped so hard). BULL/BULLISH - Positive price movement. DILDO = Long green or red candles. DUMP - To Sell Off A Cryptocurrency. DUMPING - Downward price movement. DYOR - Do Your Own Research. FA - Fundamental Analysis. FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out (A coin is pumping and you get the feeling it's gonna pump more. BTFD gold. The current pullback in the precious metals sector is a buying opportunity. Since trading at a closing high of $2,064 an ounce on August 6, gold bullion has declined 8.34% as of this.

Und nun seit dem 26.12.18, ist der Markt wieder in einer ebenso gnadenlosen BTFD Bewegung, so als ob es nie wieder finstere Nacht geben würde: Merken wir uns diesen Mechanismus also und passen uns an. Die Effekt ist nicht negativ für uns Menschen, sondern positiv. Denn wenn einmal eingeschlagene Bewegungen oder Logiken länger als bisher stabil bleiben, gibt es noch weniger Grund als schon. Almost USD 10 Billion Liquidated Amid Sunday Sell-off In Crypto Market. By Linas Kmieliauskas. April 18, 2021. Source: iStock/Yevheniia Hordieieva. USD 9.9bn worth of trading positions in the crypto derivatives market were liquidated in the past 24 hours as the crypto market experienced a sharp sell-off on Sunday Daniel Kuhn: BTFD Explained - CoinDesk. Crypto moves in cycles. There are programmatic cycles, like bitcoin's supply halving every four years. There are hype cycles, where the latest . Bitcoin Will Hit $250,000 in 2021 From This 'Rocket Fuel,' Says Goldman.. TradingView: Trading terms explained: Diamond hands = That rare special strength to invest long-term HODL = Hold on for dear life Whale = High roller, owns a lot YOLO = You only live once BTFD = Buy the f'ing dip FUD = Fear, uncertainty & doubt Bag holder = That one bad trade you still haven't sold To the moon = It's going up and to the right like a rocket with one destination in mind FOMO.

Bitcoin suffers biggest pullback this year with drop to 3.5-month low. Bitcoin slipped to 3.5-month lows early Monday, confirming the biggest price pullback of the current bull run. The top. Trading. Suche. Alle Aktien f?r 0 Euro direkt hier in finanzen.net handeln mit. Top News. Heute im Fokus. 15:55 Uhr. Vor Fed-Entscheid: DAX stabil -- Dow wenig verändert -- ABOUT YOU-IPO geglückt -- SAP setzt auf mittelfristig schnelleres Wachstum -- Delivery Hero, VW im Fokus. Aktie im Fokus . 15:43 Uhr. TUI-Aktie in Rot: TUI denkt über Kapitalerhöhung von bis zu einer Milliarde Euro nach. #OPINIONLEADER#CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING TERMS WITH THEIR MEANING #ALTCOIN = Any crypto currency other than bitcoin.#ASHDRAKED = A situation where you lost all your money. #BAGHOLDER = A person who buys and hold coins in large quantity hoping to make good profits in the future Funny Cryptocurrency BTFD HODL Bitcoin Have. Plenty of BitCoin. HODL Bitcoin Have Funny Cryptocurrency BTFD . In wie fern unterstützt unser Produkttest die Leser mit der Wahl des passenden Bitcoin account? 1. Die Analyse der unterschiedlichen Bitcoin account ist für die meisten außerordentlich komplex.2. Es existiert eine beeindruckende Vielzahl von Kriterien, die im Bereich der.

There has been quite a bit of analysis and speculation on Dogecoin (CCC: DOGE-USD) so far this year, much of it mostly worthless analysis as the digital coin is not a business with revenues and cash flow.The only question that remains in my opinion is when and how fast Dogecoin returns to zero — or very close to zero -and subsequently stays there forever The last day-trading frenzy in the 1999 wiped out most accounts in 2000 and 2001. er, traders), recognize that this is all just silly. So at 20 cents the BTFD crowd jumps in, because, well.

Wat betekent FOMO, FUD, HODL en/of BTFD? | AllesOverCryptoTages-Trading-Chancen am Freitag den 26Crypto Slang 2020 - What does HODL, FOMO, FOLE, BTFD orHow to Code an Algorithmic Trading Strategy in 25 Minutes
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