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3 Ways How To Implement Certificate Pinning on Androi

  1. To avoid this exploit, developers should implement Certificate Pinning. It's a method that depends on server certificate verification on the client side. This verification requires the server certificate or its fingerprint to be previously known to the mobile app. When establishing a connection with the server, the app should compare the fingerprint with a certificate from the remote server. If the fingerprints are identical, then the connection is valid and the data transfer.
  2. In this article we will learn what certificate pinning is, when to use it, how to implement it in an Android app, and how it can prevent a MitM attack. What is Certificate Pinning? Certificate pinning is the mechanism of associating a domain name with an expected SSL/TLS certificate, technically and more accurately known as an X.509 certificate
  3. When using certificate (or public key) pinning, a mobile client only allows connections to a server that uses a trusted certificate. The pinned certificate can be any that is part of the..
  4. Pin the CA's or server's certificate with a custom TrustManager. Override the checkServerTrusted. For CA pinning, you're removing the CA Zoo and only using the one true CA. No other CA from the Zoo can claim to certify your site. For certificate pinning, your ensuring you get the expected server certificate. If you pin the server, you should choose the public key rather than the certificate. See OWASP'
  5. SSL (Secure socket layer) Certificate Pinning, or pinning for short, is the process of associating a host with its certificate or public key. Once you know a host's certificate or public key, you pin it to that host. In other words, you configure the app to reject all but one or a few predefined certificates or public keys
  6. Now one way of making sure that you are connecting to an appropriate web server is by using a method called Certificate Pinning. The idea behind Certificate Pinning is that we actually pins the..
  7. In the Android training documentation about pinning their example pins against the certificate. However often it is better to pin against the public key, or more specifically the..

Securing HTTPS with Certificate Pinning on Androi

Caution: Certificate Pinning is not recommended for Android applications due to the high risk of future server configuration changes, such as changing to another Certificate Authority, rendering the application unable to connect to the server without receiving a client software update Certificate and Public Key Pinning is a technical guide to implementing certificate and public key pinning as discussed at the Virginia chapter's presentation Securing Wireless Channels in the Mobile Space. This guide is focused on providing clear, simple, actionable guidance for securing the channel in a hostile environment where actors could be malicious and the conference of trust a liability

Where is Certificate Pinning Used? Certificate pinning has gained the most traction on mobile device platforms like Android and iOS as it offers an additional layer of security to communications. What Threat Models does Certificate Pinning Preven Certificate pinning for Android. Manual methods for deploying certificate pinning on Android apps include making `HttpsURLConnection` only trust only a certain set of CAs. For more detail about this manual method, see the OWASP Certificate and Public Key Pinning Technical Guide. The Android Developer website describes a newer technique for certificate pinning on Android which involves. However, sometimes apps do something called Certificate Pinning, where they will have something about the certificate of the web server they're connecting to embedded within the app. When making a connection to the web server, if the certificate information doesn't match the embedded data, it will fail the connection. If we're using our own custom-made root cert, this is a problem, as we'll be. Android Pinning. AndroidPinning is a standalone Android library project that facilitates certificate pinning for SSL connections from Android apps, in order to minimize dependence on Certificate Authorities. CA signatures are necessary for general purpose network communication tools: things like web browsers, which connect to arbitrary network.

Certificate Pinning for Mobile Android Apps [Java & React

  1. SSL pinning makes it harder for hackers to snoop on the traffic and figure out your API and exploit other security holes and helps build secure mobile apps. Pinning will not secure connections if the pinned host is compromised. References: Securing the network traffic in Android using Certificate Pinning; Android Security: SSL Pinning
  2. pinning backup leaves can be a good option, but the more certificates you configure, the more certificates you need to protect from compromise; pinning intermediate certificates means trusting that the intermediate CAs won't generate malicious certificates for the server. However, if all the leaves expire, the app will continue to work
  3. A certificate chain is then valid only if the certificate chain contains at least one of the pinned public keys. Note that, when using certificate pinning, you should always include a backup key so that if you are forced to switch to new keys or change CAs (when pinning to a CA certificate or an intermediate of that CA), your app's connectivity.
  4. Android SSL Pinning Bypass: Android 7-10 Page 4 of 6 Once you have the rebooted the device you should be able to verify that the cert is properly installed by running the following command: You should be able to see your certificate there, which means that you can also check that Portswigger C
  5. Note: Many blog posts and tools for certificate pinning on Android instead mention/use option 2 - public key pinning. An example is CertificatePinner from popular OkHttp library. In case of public key pinning the fingerprint is computed from
  6. SSL pinning allows the application to only trust the valid or pre-defined certificate or Public Key. The application developer uses SSL pinning technique as The application developer uses SSL.
  7. Root certificate. By pinning against the root certificate you are trusting the root certificate authority as well as any intermediaries they trust not to mis-issue certificates; If CA gets compromised it's game over; Very important to maintain strong certificate validation. Pinning is not an excuse for bad certificate validation! Intermediate.

Surprisingly, pinning SSL certificates on Android isn't very straightforward. We needed a solution that would work on Android 2.2 and up, so I had to do some hard digging before finding one that worked. There are three important steps in the process: obtain a certificate for the desired host (preferably the whole certificate chain Self Signed Android Certificates and Certificate Pinning in Xamarin.Forms. Working with Self Signed Certificates (Certificate Pinning) in Android Applications with Xamarin.Forms. Next up is looking at working with self-signed certificates in an Android application. Previous posts in this sequence are: Accessing ASP.NET Core API hosted on Kestrel over Https from iOS Simulator, Android Emulator.

Bypassing Android Cert Pinning Using a Rooted Emulator (AVD) A while ago I was interested in performing some HTTPS MITM analysis on an Android app, without having to rely on a real device but instead using an Android Virtual Device, or in other words: an emulated device. It turns out that this is surprisingly tricky with a lot of gotcha's, but in the end I managed to get it to work: Got it. Implementing certificate pinning below Android API level 24. Until now the certificate pinning has been agnostic of the http transport layer being used, but to handle certificate pinning below API level 24 we need to get our hands dirty. Specifically we need to code in the chosen http stack, with the risk that we introduce security flaws which will render certificate pinning useless and worst. In this blog post, I will give you the steps how we can implement certificate pinning with BKS file in android apps. Step 1: Obtain your Public Key certificate. Your certificate can be self-signed or CA-signed certificate. I assume that your certificate is a CA-signed certificate. If you want to check differences between them read this useful post. To obtain your public key you can ask your.

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This article describes one of the ways to overcome SSL pinning in Android apps. Research. When our team received an app for research, it was only known that it uses SSL Pinning and Root / Emulator Detection. In addition, the development team reported that during previous penetration tests, the attacking team turned off these checks, so that should have been complicated. An .apk file was. Certificate Pinning written by Cody Wass | January 9, 2018 Gone are the days when mobile applications stoically ignored all manner of SSL errors and allowed you to intercept and modify their traffic at will. Instead, most modern applications at least check that the certificate presented chains to a valid, trusted certificate authority (CA). As pentesters, we'd like to convince the app that. The SSL pinning (or public key, or certificate pinning ) is a technique mitigating Man-in-the-middle attacks against the secure HTTPS communication. The typical Android solution is to bundle the hash of the certificate, or the exact data of the certificate into the application. The connection is then validated via X509TrustManager Certificate Pinning unter neuem Android vermeiden. Vor Kurzem haben wir gezeigt, wie eine Analyse-Umgebung konstruiert wird, um Certificate Pinning in Android-Anwendungen zu umgehen. Der große. Android has certificate pinning. I learned that android supports SSL Pinning however was unsuccessful as it seems that this approach does not work Prior to Android 7. As well as only working for android. The bottom line. I have exhausted several directions and will continue to pursue more native implementation, maybe figure out how to configure OkHttp and RNNetworking then maybe bridging back.

SSL Pinning in Android Part 1

证书锁定(SSL/TLS Pinning)提供了两种锁定方式: Certificate Pinning 和 Public Key Pinning,文头和概述描述的实际上是Certificate Pinning(证书锁定)。 2.1 证书锁定. 我们需要将APP代码内置仅接受指定域名的证书,而不接受操作系统或浏览器内置的CA根证书对应的任何证书,通过这种授权方式,保障了APP与服务. To protect our apps from man-in-the-middle attacks one of the first things that usually springs to mind is certificate pinning. Indeed, in early 2017 I published an article that discusses implementing SSL Pinning on Android.. At the time little did I know that in late 2017 Google were to announce that Chrome 68 would deprecate support for HTTP public key pinning (HPKP)

Certificate pinning is quite straightforward to implement using a hybrid solution of Android network security configuration and OkHttp. By using them we can avoid some of the problems which can arise from misunderstanding the Java network APIs which can result in unexpected security loopholes Certificate pinning (cert pinning for short) is a technique used for mobile applications to add an extra layer of protection to secure communications. Some people additionally use the technique to prevent people from reverse engineering APIs via intercepting proxies, however this latter objective is hard to achieve against a determined hacker Bypassing Xamarin Certificate Pinning on Android. by Alexandre Beaulieu | Apr 6, 2020. Xamarin is a popular open-source and cross-platform mobile application development framework owned by Microsoft with more than 13M total downloads. This post describes how we analyzed an Android application developed in Xamarin that performed HTTP certificate pinning in managed .NET code. It documents the. Certificate pinning is hardcoding certificate trusted by the remote server within application itself so that it will ignore devices certificate store and will trust on his own hardcoded certificate which further application will use to communicate with remote server securely

Certificate Pinning in Retrofit,Android using

SSL pinning allows the application to only trust the valid or pre-defined certificate or Public Key. The application developer uses SSL pinning technique as. How to do cryptography right in android Part #4 / How to mitigate MITM attacks in SSL/TLS channels using server certification validation watch it on youtube

Android Security: SSL Pinning

Pinning is the process of associating a host with their expected X509 certificate or public key. It's a technique used by apps to defend against multiple attacks including MiTM attacks and identity theft attacks. In this context, pinning is a term that refers to the process of authenticating the identity of a host (provided by a remote server in the form of an SSL certificate) against a. Alamofire Certificate Pinning. Full stack mobile (iOS, Android) and web app design and development agency. Statutory legal information. Appinventiv is the Registered Name of Appinventiv Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a mobile app development company situated in Noida, U.P. India at the street address - B- 25, Sector 58, Noida, U.P. 201301. All the personal information that you submit on the. Certificate Pinning. 事实上,在移动软件大多只和固定的服务器通信,因此可以在代码更精确地直接验证是否某张特定的证书,这种方法称为证书锁定(certificate pinning)。 实现证书的方法有二种:一种是前文提到的实现X509TrustManager接口,另一种则是使用keystore SSL pinning is the process of only accepting a select number of SSL certificates as valid during mobile application network transactions. A common way to understand how an application talks to either a web service or product is to install a self-signed SSL root certificate. This is possible in both Android and IOS. The idea here is to capture. For more insights on its implementation, you can read OWASP Certificate and Public Key Pinning Technical Guide. SEE ALSO: Report & interview: Plan your container security as a core component. Furthermore, iOS certificate pinning can be implemented using TrustKit library which can also be used for Android. The code below enables certificate.

Certificate Pinning for GNU/Linux and Android. Previously, I described the dismal state of SSL/TLS security and explained how certificate pinning protects against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks; in particular, I recommended GnuTLS with its command line tool gnutls-cli for do-it-yourself certificate pinning based on trust-on-first-use (TOFU) Certificate pinning in Android WebViews; Scheme and domain whitelisting in Android WebViews; The pinning and whitelisting is achieved on network level with OkHttp. WebView is then secured by extending WebViewClient and using OkHttp for the requests. The solution has a performance drawback: By extending WebViewClient and overriding shouldInterceptRequest, all requests are performed sequentially. A lot of mobile applications employs this technique of SSL and TLS Pinning where they fix the hash of the certificate or the public key in the app it self fo..

Bypass Certificate Pinning in modern Android application via custom Root CA Author: Nghia Van Le - Sun* Cyber Security Research TESTING PLATFORM Host OS: Kali Linux 2019.4 Android Emulator: Using genymotion - Android 6.0 - API Level 23 Tested Device: Rooted Redmi Note 6 Pro - Android 8.1.0 - API Level 27 TOOLS and APPLICATION Host OS Tools: adb, Burpsuite, MobSF, genymotion Mobile Tools. Follow These Easy Steps to Use Secure Certificate Pinning in Android & iOS apps. Please follow these easy steps to add Secure Certificate Pinning to any iOS and Android app using Appdome.. Upload an Android or iOS App to Appdome's no code security platform (.apk, .aab, or .ipa); In the Build Tab, under Security, expand Secure Communication, switch ON Secure Certificate Pinning Picture 3 Android Certificate Installation Testing . Try to capture the network by opening a website using mobile browser. In this case, I am trying to capture network request for yahoo website. As we can see the picture below, the network will be captured and if we need to see the response, we need to click Enable only this domain and try to apply the same request. See the Picture 4 & 5.

Giao tiếp an toàn với server từ ứng dụng Android với Certificate Pinning. Bảo mật và quyền riêng tư là một số nhiệm vụ khó khăn nhất đối với bất kỳ nhà phát triển Android nào và điều đó là hiển nhiên vì Android là nền tảng mã nguồn mở và mọi người đều biết cách. Certificate pinning is the process of associating a host with their expected X.509 certificate or public key. Once a certificate or public key is known or seen for a host, the certificate or public key is associated or 'pinned' to the host. A host or service's certificate or public key can be added to an application at development time, or it can be added upon first encountering the. In order to avoid this, a technique called certificate pinning can be used to dramatically reduce the risk of this kind of man-in-the-middle attack. This article describes how to implement certificate pinning in Xamarin.Forms, making your mobile apps more secure. When Do You Need Certificate Pinning? Generally speaking, you should implement certificate pinning every time you build apps that.

Certificate Pinning是什么,有什么用?Certificate Pinning,或者有叫作SSL Pinning/TLS Pinning的,都是指的同一个东西,中文翻译成证书锁定,最大的作用就是用来抵御针对CA的攻击。在实际当中,它一般被用来阻止man-in-the-middle(中间人攻击)。说起中间人攻击,可能不是那么直观,但是这一类工具我们可能. My pinning script supports SSL pinning bypassing for Appcelerator, TrustManagerImpl, trustkit, okhttp3, and Sensepost Trustmanager. Adding Additional SSL Pinning Bypasses. To add further SSL pinning bypasses you'll want to analyse the internals of the Android app in question. Use a decompiler tool such as Jadx to load your target Android app's.

How to bypass Android certificate pinning and intercept

Securing Mobile Applications with Cert Pinning

  1. Certificate pinning in Android applications makes it slightly more difficult to reverse engineer them, by restricting trusted certificates to those included in the operating system or hard-coded in the application rather than allowing the user control over trusted CAs
  2. iOS: Certificate Pinning per Konfiguration. App-Entwickler können die für TLS-Verbindungen erlaubten Schlüssel seit iOS 14 per Konfiguration einschränken. Apps schauen beim Aufbau.
  3. React Native Security — SSL Pinning Intro. In this article, we will be looking at how to implement SSL Pinning in our React Native iOS and Android app to protect it against Man-In-The-Middle attacks. There are plenty of great articles on the internet discussing in-depth the inner workings of SSL Certificate Pinning and mobile security so we won't be discussing the reasons or try to.
  4. Follow These 4 Easy Steps to Use Secure Certificate Pinning in Android & iOS apps. Please follow these 4 easy steps to add Secure Certificate Pinning to any iOS and Android app using Appdome.. Upload an Android or iOS App to Appdome's no code security platform (.apk, .aab, or .ipa); In the Build Tab, under Security, expand Secure Communication, switch ON Secure Certificate Pinning
  5. I am trying to learn how to do certificate pinning in an Android application. I found the tutorial here. I wanted to clarify I doubt I have based on my testing this code. I used the code as follows : public class CertificatePinning { static SSLSocketFactory constructSSLSoc

Android: TLS-Verifikation und Certificate-Pinning umgehen

  1. Hi all, I want to implement SSL certificate pinning with server using xamarin forms. Could any one please share me the cod
  2. SSL Pinning: Introduction & Bypass for Android . What is SSL Pinning ? SSL pinning allows the application to only trust the valid or pre-defined certificate or Public Key. The application developer uses SSL pinning technique as an additional security layer for application traffic. As normally, application trusts custom certificate and allows.
  3. Last step: Bypass SSL pinning with Universal Android SSL Pinning Bypass No.2 . So, we got frida, frida-server and burpsuite running as espected, the next step is run the Universal Android SSL Pinning Bypass No.2 script in order to start sniffing the application connections so we need to get the script and saved locally as name_script.js, here is a blogpost about this script by Mattia.

Using Frida to bypass SSL cert pinning on custom certificate pinning solution. Recently when looking at an Android mobile application for a Bug Bounty program, I came across a custom certificate pinning solution, instead of using the normal X509TrustManager, this app decided to check the certs themselves with a function Native Android: place the certificate in the assets folder; Cordova: place the certificate in the app-name\www\certificates folder (if the folder is not already there, create it) Certificate pinning API. Certificate pinning consists of the following overloaded API method, where one method has a parameter certificateFilename, where certificateFilename is the name of the certificate file, and. 3.2 SSL/TLS-Cert Pinning umgehen. Auch auf iOS ist ein zusätzliches Hilfsmittel notwendig, um das Cert Pinning zu umgehen. Das Hilfsmittel nennt sich SSL Kill Switch 2. Ähnlich wie bei JustTrustMe für Android hebelt die Erweiterung nach der Aktivierung unter »Einstellungen -> SSL Kill Switch 2« das Certificate Pinning aus Android OkHttp3 4.2+ certificate pinning bypass for Frida and Brida; iOS 13 certificate pinning bypass for Frida and Brida; LetMeHID! Red Teaming with P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. My ysoserial fork; Popular Posts. Find hidden friends and communities for any Facebook user; Universal Android SSL Pinning bypass with Frida ; Graph's not dead; Universal Android SSL Pinning Bypass #2; Brida - A step-by-step. Certificate pinning is one of the best ways to protect mobile apps and their users from MITM attacks — the reported flaw is in the implementation of certificate pinning rather than the use of certificate pinning itself as a core mobile app security strategy. In other words, if you use certificate pinning in your mobile apps, we applaud you. Keep it up — just ensure that you're.

To start bypassing certificate pinning, we need the Android SSL Re-pinning Frida script by Piergiovanni Cipolloni, which can be found here, here or at the bottom of this blogpost. Bypassing Certificate Pinning using Frida. First of all, we need to install our target on the device, this can be done in multiple ways: 1.) Install the application. Project: Universal Android SSL Pinning Bypass with Frida Try this code out now by running $ frida --codeshare pcipolloni/universal-android-ssl-pinning-bypass-with-frida -f YOUR_BINAR Certificate Pinning in Android with Couchbase Mobile. Couchbase Mobile 2.0 supports certificate pinning on all Couchbase mobile platforms. Certificate pinning is a technique used by applications to pin a host to it's certificate/public key. Communication between Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway is encryped and secured using SSL/TLS

Android SSL Re-Pinning. Two kinds of SSL Pinning implementations can be found in Android apps: the home-made and the proper one. The former is usually a single method, performing all the certificate checks (possibly using custom libraries), that returns a Boolean value Certificate Pinning 4 to combat against such attack. 3. Is the encryption properly implemented so that it cannot be easily circumvented? In the mobile app development, SSL/TLS encryption protocol is commonly used to encrypt sensitive data during transmission. There are many ways that a faulty implementation can give opportunity for attackers. For example, if the mobile app does not validate. Norton Security - NGC Norton G2 Certificate Pinning Update. Gepostet: 2018-09-03 | 00:38 ¢erdot; Bearbeitet: 2018-09-03 Android, Google Chrome, Google Play und das Google Play-Logo sind Marken von Google, LLC. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple und das Apple-Logo sind in den USA und in anderen Ländern eingetragene Marken von Apple, Inc. App Store ist eine Servicemarke von Apple, Inc. Alexa und.

Many apps use certificate pinning already, meaning that they refuse to connect through the filtering proxy. This causes apps to not work at all, even though the web filter policies allow the app traffic. In Android 7 this breaks almost every app. With no way to make apps trust the user-installed certificates, users have no choice but to accept the app failing. So far, when a device did. Hard Certificate Pinning: method implemented usually in the application, the client has the exact server certificate details stored in the code or in a file. If the certificated received does not match with any of the ones stored by the client, the communications will fail. The main drawback of this method is that the application has to be updated each time the server certificate changes. CA. Pinning with TrustKit. TrustKit is an Open Source library that provides the key benefit of allowing Android N style pinning to work on lower API levels. TrustKit supports Android N style pinning with API Level 17 and higher. Installing. To add the TrustKit library to your project, reference the TrustKit library in your build.gradle file

Four Ways to Bypass Android SSL Verification and

Instead, certificate pinning currently tops the list of ways to make your application traffic secure. Today we'll look at what certificate pinning is and how it secures your application from man-in-the-middle attacks. We'll compare certificate and public key pinning. And lastly, we'll look at why leaving certificate pinning as a build flag makes your app flexible for man-in-the-middle. Note 1 - Beginning with Android 11, trusted certificate profiles can no longer install the trusted root certificate on devices that are enrolled as Android device administrator. This limitation doesn't apply to Samsung Knox. For more information, see Trusted certificate profiles for Android device administrator. Note 2 - This profile is supported for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session remote. Certificate pinning makes sure that the SSL certificate matches a certificate in your app before establishing the connection. If the destination doesn't match the certificate you've specified then the request is canceled; it can't be intercepted and spied upon. Installing the Plugin. Cordova doesn't natively support certificate pinning so we'll need to use a plugin to manage that. Certificate pinning trends perennially, coming to the fore with each new SSL hack. Security urges developers to implement pinning and many mobile apps do — some applying pinning to problems it doesn't solve while others do so entirely unnecessarily

How to Bypass Certificate Pinning with Frida on an Android Ap

Certificate Pinning. Cordova does not support true certificate pinning. The main barrier to this is a lack of native APIs in Android for intercepting SSL connections to perform the check of the server's certificate. (Although it is possible to do certificate pinning on Android in Java using JSSE, the webview on Android is written in C++, and. Notes on certificate pinning on Android. As we know, usually certificate pinning does not link to an specific certificate but all the trusted certificates installed in the system. Therefore, if we installed the burpsuite certificate and trust it in the mobile phone, we will be able to break SSL and intercept all the traffic in plain text using burp. However, starting in Android 7 all apps only. You can find it in the following category(ies): Android, Ios, Ssl-certificate, Pinning. ID of this question is 38139394. Toggle navigation. Home . android. 38139394; Categories: android, ios, ssl-certificate, pinning. Certificate pinning in Android & iOS. Pawan. The question was asked: Jul 01, 2016. 07:22. 2 answers. When we import SSL Certificate in our app, for certificate pinning we have to.

Certificate pinning with OkHttp - Rock and Nul

Certificate pinning can be implemented on Android in three different ways: 1. Network security configuration. This is a native method of pinning certificates on Android. This is a simple method and doesn't need any coding. The only catch here is that it is supported only on Android N and above. It lets developers customize the security settings in a secure configuration file specific to a. Certificate pinning (also referred to as public key pinning) provides a framework for reducing the tendency to rely on trusting third parties when making security decisions concerning identity. A certificate pinning framework creates an independent whitelist defining what a trustworthy digital certificate or encryption key should look like. Security intelligence, knowledge bases, and the. Another Android ssl certificate pinning bypass for various methods. Raw. frida_multiple_unpinning.js. /* Android ssl certificate pinning bypass script for various methods. by Maurizio Siddu These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms SSLUnpinning - Certificate Pinning Bypass . If you need to intercept the traffic from an app which uses certificate pinning, with a tool like Burp Proxy, the SSLUnpinning will help you with this hard work! The SSLUnpinning through Xposed Framework, makes several hooks in SSL classes to bypass the certificate verifications for one specific app, then you can intercept all your traffic. API.

Certificate Pinning - Part 1 - Styling Androi

Certificate pinning is one of the basic security mechanisms of network communication. Every developer should be aware of it. The OWASP security organization includes it in their General Best Practices and iOS Specific Best Practices. This shows how important this topic is. This article discusses certificate pinning and related topics Certificate pinning best Practices. 3m4nu3l3. Member . August 2018 in Cross Platform with Xamarin. Hello, I am working on a research project about Xamarin security, now I am focus on the different way to implement Certificate pinning in Xamarin apps. What is the best way (in terms of security and ) to implement it This practice is known as certificate pinning. Here are some ways to detect if your application is impacted: Search your source code for the thumbprint, Common Name, and other cert properties of any of the Microsoft IT TLS CAs found here. If there is a match, then your application will be impacted. To resolve this problem, update the source code include the new CAs. As a best practice, ensure.

Basic Android Security Testing lab — 1 | by Sahil AhamadNET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Avec Chrome et le ProxyMake APK Accept CA Certificate - HackTricks
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