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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Chartanalysen Square - Indikatoren Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) Das Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) ist quasi ein Hybrid aus gleitenden Durchschnitten und einem Oszillator. Er wurde von Gerald Appel entwickelt und wird von vielen technischen Analysen als sehr zuverlässiger Indikator angesehen. Die Kombination aus Abbildung der aktuellen Dynamik einer Bewegung mit Kauf-/Verkaufssignalen aus sich kreuzenden Durchschnitten macht ihn zu einem beliebten Instrument in. MACD Oscillator (MACD Oscillator is calculated against the 3-Day Moving Average) The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most popular overbought/oversold (OB/OS) indicators. The RSI is basically an internal strength index which is adjusted on a daily basis by the amount by which the market rose or fell. It is most commonly used to show when a market has topped or bottomed. A high RSI occurs when the market has been rallying sharply and a low RSI occurs when the market has been. Er wird aus drei verschiedenen Faktoren berechnet: Die MACD SMA: Dies ist die Differenz zwischen einem langen exponentiell gleitenden Durchschnitt (EMA) und einem... Die Durchschnitts- oder Signal-Reihe ist die EMA der oben beschriebenen MACD-Reihe (Langsame EMA). Die Divergenz-Reihe ist die.

Square (WKN A143D6; ISIN: US8522341036): Profichart-Tool mit einer Vielzahl an technischen Indikatoren und Vergleichsmöglichkeiten Square Inc. Registered Shs Class A. 1T 1W 1M 6M 1J 5J MAX. Benchmarks CDAX DAX MDAX SDAX. Gleitender Durchschnitt 3 Tage 18 Tage 90 Tage 200 Tage. Indikatoren. MACD Momentum Relative Strength. Chart-Indikatoren. Gewichteter Gleitender Durchschnitt Bollinger Band Donchian Channel Envelopes ATR / Wilders Volatilität Chaikin Volatility Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Aroon Average Directional Index (ADX) MACD Ease of Movement Mass Index Momentum Trix Accumulation / Distribution Chaikin Money Flow Index Money Flow Index Volume Indizes (NVI /. SQUARE Chart - ein übersichtlicher, großer Chart der SQUARE Aktie. Einstellbar sind verschiedene Zeiträume, Charttypen und Indikatoren. Einstellbar sind verschiedene Zeiträume, Charttypen und.

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Square bouncing from a Major Support Zone. Today, we will share our perspective on Square INC. -The main thing we can notice is that the price has been ranging since December 2020. So, we will be working inside that range -The Range is made by a solid support zone at 190 - 198 Square, Inc. engages in the provision of credit card payment processing solutions. It is a cohesive commerce ecosystem that helps sellers start, run, and grow their businesses. The firms sellers downloads the Square Point of Sale mobile app, they can quickly and easily take their first payment, typically within minutes. Its system, sellers gain access to features such as next-day settlements, digital receipts, payment dispute management, data security, and Payment Card Industry compliance. MACD Blaster PRO is an advanced trading system based on two indicators, each of which in turn is based on the MACD indicator. The system provides clear and precise signals to enter in the market, which will be understood even by novice traders. The strategy algorithm has a double trend confirmation and is capable of generating a weekly profit of 200-500 pip

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Square, Inc. Class A Common Stock (SQ) Stock Quotes - Nasdaq offers stock quotes & market activity data for US and global markets MACD. Moving Average Convergence Divergence. Defined by Gerald Appel in the 70s. It measures the distance of a short and a long term moving average to try to identify the trend. A second lagging moving average over the convergence-divergence should provide a signal upon being crossed by the macd. Formula

macd指標的背馳(也叫背離)是指macd指標的走勢與k線的走勢形成相反的局面。 1、頂部背馳. 在k線圖上,股票行情走勢一波比一波高,價格也一直向上攀升,而macd指標圖上,紅柱圖走勢卻一波比一波低;股價現在的高點比前一次的高點還要高,而macd指標現在的高點比前一次指標的高點還要低,這. Square, empresa dedicada a las transferencias bancarias entre usuarios -parecido a gigantes como PayPal-, o a la creación de puentes entre personas con criptomonedas en su haber, se encuentra en un momento donde todos los indicadores técnicos -MACD, estocástico, RSI- le dan una alta señal de sobreventa, justo después de romper ligeramente la media 200 (días), y..

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  1. LSMA(Series, Window) Least Square Moving Average MACD(Series, SignalWindow, SlowWindow, FastWindow) MACD MASS(Series, Window, AveragePeriod) Mass Index Median(Series) Median Price Momentum(Series, Window) Momentum MFI(Series, Window) Money Flow Index NVI(Series, StartValue) Negative Volume Index . Custom Indicators User Guide Page 17 Thursday, August 04, 2016 OBV(Series) On Balance Volume SAR.
  2. ute or less. better for scalp trading. Happy Trading
  3. Square Inc. Class A (NYSE: SQ) stock closed at 219.34 per share at the end of the most recent trading day (a 1.01 % change compared to the prior day closing price) with a volume of 7.53M shares and market capitalization of 103.10B.Is a component of Russell 1000 indices and it is traded on NYSE exchange. The company belongs in the Software industry, Technology sector and employs 5477 people
  4. This is the free version of this product: Shepherd Gann Squares. The full version has Square of 144 calculations added to this free version. The free version only draws square of 9 calculations. Parameters. Use_System_Visuals - Enable\disable System Template. SQ9_Settings - Separator. Auto_Detect_H_L - Enable\disable detection of high/low.
  5. Square verdient natürlich an jeder Transaktion, umsonst macht niemand was. Und aktuell crashen die Krypto Währungen, da ist viel Bewegung drin. Negativ für Square das ihre eigenen Bitcoins ebenfalls an Wert verlieren. Dürfte aber wegen ihrer geringen Anzahl nicht wirklich auffallen. Tage wie heute bringen aber Umsatz
  6. Microsoft, Apple, Square - Tech-Werte zurück an der Spitze. So schnell wendet sich das Blatt. Wurden im März die großen Tech-Werte reihenweise abverkauft und die Sektorrotation propagiert.

Contact sarah.nelson@macd.org with questions. Conifers. White Pine 4-7 $10.00 - $180.00 White Spruce 8-14 seedlings $10.00 - $180.00 White Cedar 10-18 $25.00 - $150.00 Out of stock Broadleaf Trees. Black Cherry 12-18 $20.00 - $115.00 Out of stock Black Oak 6-12 $15.00 - $80.00 Black Gum 12-18 $20.00 - $115.00 White Flowering Dogwood 12-18 $20.00 - $115.00 Broadleaf Shrubs. Black. The MACD Double Divergence Box Indicator will do the complicated work for you and spot double divergences fully automatic. The text UP on a green square means that the MACD crossed the zero line upward during the actual not yet closed candle. Alerts In Real-Time As soon as the MACD crosses the zero-line from above to the downside or from below to the upside, you will immediately get an. Pershing Square Tontine Hldgs Registered Shs Cl.A DL -,0001. WKN. A2P756. ISIN. US71531R1095. Symbol. 4MS. Land. USA. Sektor. Finanzen. Unternehmen. Pershing Square. Furthermore, there is a buy signal from the 3 months Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). Some negative signals were issued as well, and these may have some influence on the near short-term development. Volume fell together with the price during the last trading day and this reduces the overall risk as volume should follow the price movements. Support, Risk & Stop-loss. Square Inc. Square Inc. Cl A advanced stock charts by MarketWatch. View SQ historial stock data and compare to other stocks and exchanges

Apollo Tyres Limited (APOLLOTYRE) MACD indicator value as on 10/06/2021 is 5.54 and MACD Histogram value is 1.87.APOLLOTYRE MACD analysis shows that the scrip is above Signal Line. Below is the APOLLOTYRE MACD chart for the last three years and APOLLOTYRE's historical MACD values How to Calculate the Square of Nine. The numbers within the Gann square of nine also follow a certain harmonic pattern. For example, when you take a number, such as 54 from the above square, the value to the next of it (to the right), 29, is derived as follows: The square root of the number and subtract 2, and re-square the result macdについてです。macdは2本の指数平滑移動平均線の差から求められ、トレンドや乖離などを判断する際に使用される指標です。指数平滑移動平均線は、全期間のデータを考慮した移動平均線ですが、詳細は移動平均線の計算方法についての投稿をご覧下さい

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  1. Prorealtime Erfahrung 2021 Börsensoftware ist eine hervorragende Chartsoftware und auch Trading-Plattform Kostenlose Nutzung mit End-of-Day Daten
  2. 美股圖表分析提供不同(包括:美股圖表、技術分析、圖表分析、技術圖表、納斯達克指數、股票圖、美股、移動平均線 SMA、保力加通道 Bollinger.
  3. اندیکاتور macd ساختاری منحصر به فرد نسبت به بقیه اندیکاتور ها دارد و از ورودی و فرمول های نسبتا ساده ای تشکیل شده ، آقای جرالد بی اپل این اندیکاتور را طی سالها تجربه در بازارهای مالی بوجود آورده که این اندیکاتور بیشتر.
  4. Square Inc. Comparison to index: Comparison with: Analysis. Indicator 1: Moving average: Open Market. This security is traded as a secondary listing on the Open Market. The issuer's publication requirements are in accordance with the regulations of the respective home market and may considerably fall behind those of the Regulated Market. Investors need to research information there for them

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  1. d when originally creating.
  2. For downsizing risk you can also watch MACD and Momentum. Both should trending-down. Exit- Where you close your position (square-off) finally. Exiting a trade is equally important. And especially this situation becomes more difficult when you are in good profits. But remember you have to keep your greed in control
  3. squared = 0.423: Add the above calculated values, divide by 5, and then get the square root of this value to get the deviation value: 1.21 + 0.023 + 0.16 + 0.01 + 0.423 = 1.826. 1.826 / 5 = 0.365. Square root of .365 = 0.604. The upper Bollinger band would be 26.6 + (2 * 0.604) = 27.808. The middle Bollinger band would be 26.6 . The lower Bollinger band would be 26.6 - (2 * 0.604) = 25.392.
  4. e short-term moving average convergence and divergence. The MACD Oscillator is a double-edged technical indicator in that it offers traders and analysts the ability to follow trends in the market, as well as gauge the momentum of price changes. Triangle Patterns Triangle Patterns - Technical Analysis The.

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  1. Trendrichtung: Ein steigender MACD zeigt einen Aufwärtstrend an, ein fallender MACD zeigt einen Abwärtstrend an. Trendstärke: Der Abstand des MACD von der Mittellinie gibt Hinweise auf die Stärke des Trends. Die Trendstärke erhöht sich, je weiter sich der MACD von seiner Mittellinie entfernt. Nähert sich der MACD der Mittellinie an, wird der Trend schwächer. Ein sehr großer Abstand.
  2. Calculating MACD for Technical Analysis in Excel. Moving Averag Convergence Divergence (MACD) is one of the most popular momentum indicators used today. This tutorial on Technical Analysis in Excel cannot be completed without describing MACD. The way MACD is calculated is as follows - Get daily closing prices of the stock which is to be.
  3. MACD Indicators: Moving Average (MA) Indicators: Mt4 Indicators: MTF (Multi Time frame) Indicators: Non Lag Indicators: NRP Indicators: Oscillators: OSMA Indicators: Parabolic SAR (PSAR) Indicators: Pattern Indicators: Pivot Indicators: QQE Indicators: RSI Indicators: Stochastic Indicators: Support Resistance Indicators: T3 Indicators: TDI.

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Pretty simple EVWMA (Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average ) MACD Strategy. EVWMA is a quite interesting moving average where the period of the MA is defined from the volume itself. It incorporates volume information in a natural and logical way. The EVWMA can be looked at as an approximation to the average price paid per share. As a volume period, you can use.. MACD: Parabolic SAR: Envelopes: Bollinger Bands: Ichimoku Cloud . Stacking the odds - combining the best indicators in a meaningful way. Now comes the interesting part. The screenshot below shows a chart with three different indicators that support and complement each other. The RSI measures and identifies momentum plays, the ADX finds trends and the Bollinger Bands measure volatility. Note. Ten Square Games S.A. Inhaber-Aktien ZY -,10. WKN. A2JL3T. ISIN. PLTSQGM00016. Symbol. 1HQ. Land. Polen. Unternehmen. TEN SQUARE GAME

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FFx MACD Dashboard MTF ALERTER: The FFx Dashboard MTF alerter will show you on a single chart all the timeframes (M1 to Monthly) with their own status for the indicator. 2 Alert - Englis Use MACD histograms only when the market is trending. You could use the indicator in ranging markets, but you would need additional confirmations elsewhere. Three components to the MACD technical indicator exist: the MACD line, which plots the difference between two exponential moving averages; the signal line, or the moving average of the difference of these averages; and the MACD histogram.

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Superior MACD $ 129; Superior MFI $ 99; Superior Volume $ 149; VoluCandlez $ 129; X-Day Rolling Pivot $ 139; CCI Reversal Pro $ 129; Pinocchio Bar Pro $ 79; PRIME* Superior Ichimoku $ 179 [Free] Karthik Dynamic RSI; QQE Pro $ 159; PRIME* AAA+ Trend Sync $ 159; PRIME* SuperTrend Pro $ 149; PRIME* Global Zlert $ 159; PRIME* Innovative Ordering $ 299; PRIME* Ruby River $ 149 [Free] Quick Drawing. Intraday stock screener helps you to select stocks for intraday. Different screens available are volume gainers, Top gainers and losers, Long buildup , Short buildup , Short covering , Long unwinding , Open high low scanner , PRB (Previous range breakout) scanner , Weekly breakout , Monthly breakout , Open interest scrceener. You can also.

AAPL MACD; AAPL RSI Data: As of date: 6/16/2021: AAPL stock price: 130.15: AAPL RSI: 60.86: Extremely Overbought: 60.86. Extremely Oversold: Also see: AAPL Market Cap History AAPL Shares Outstanding History AAPL YTD Return AAPL DMA AAPL MACD AAPL Technical Analysis. Technical Analysis News: Westport Fuel Systems (WPRT) Shares Cross Below 200 DMA 18 hours, 12 minutes ago. Exelixis Breaks Below. R-Squared; Slope; Trading Systems. Trading Systems Introduction; Moving Average Crossover System; MACD Momentum System; MACD Crossover System; Bollinger Band System; Price Gap System; Filtering for Narrow Trading Range; Historical Volatility and Trend System; Outside Day System; Show all articles ( 3 ) Collapse Articles. twitter . facebook. community. Proudly made by passionate traders and.

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Ten Square Games S.A. Aktie [WKN: A2JL3T / ISIN: PLTSQGM00016] 95,200€ -0,63% Echtzeit-Aktienkurs Ten Square Games S.A. vom 26.05.2021 um 21:42 Uhr Bid: 91,600 Ask. Gann's Square; Ichimoku Cloud; MACD; Parabolic SAR; RSI; Stoch; Supertrend; Technotrade. Algo Trading Plan; Basic of Trading; Download Files; Live MCX Signals; MCX Signals Timeline; Trading for Profit; Intraday Trading Strategy; Trading Habits; Ledger; Robotic Trading; Trading Setups; Login; Trading Accounts. Maitra Commodities; Profit Mart; Register; Contact ; Customer Care. Bank Details. Come comprare azioni Square. Le azioni Square Inc sono quotate sulla Borsa di New York (NYSE), con ticker di riferimento SQ e codice ISIN US8522341036.. Esattamente come per tutte le migliori azioni tecnologiche, il modo migliore per comprare azioni Square sono i CFD.. I contratti per differenza (CFD) offrono infatti numerosi vantaggi addizionali rispetto all'acquisto azionario tradizionale.

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Über die Suche kann der gesamte Medienbestand recherchiert werden. Sie haben bereits ein bestimmtes Thema im Sinn? In der einfachen- und erweiterten Suche können Sie ihr Ergebn The Impulse System is based on two indicators, a 13-day exponential moving average and the MACD-Histogram. The moving average identifies the trend, while the MACD-Histogram measures momentum. As a result, the Impulse System combines trend following and momentum to identify tradable impulses. This unique indicator combination is color coded into the price bars for easy reference

MACD is generally set up with the notational form MACD(a,b,c). The letter variables denote time periods. The variables a and b refer to the time periods used to calculate the MACD series mentioned in part 1 above. These are subtracted from each other (i.e., short EMA minus long EMA) MACD Oscillator MACD Oscillator - Technical Analysis The MACD Oscillator is used to examine short-term moving average convergence and divergence. The MACD Oscillator is a double-edged technical indicator in that it offers traders and analysts the ability to follow trends in the market, as well as gauge the momentum of price changes. Corporate Finance Training. Advance your career in investment. The MACD indicator is more useful in a trending market than a ranging one, unlike the stochastic oscillator. This makes them a good pair to use to filter false signals. Check whether the market is trending or in a trading range before looking at the stochastic indicator. Remember, it is more accurate if the market is ranging. If the price has been making continually higher highs and higher.

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  1. Moving least squares; Zero lag exponential moving average; This article includes a list of general references, but it remains largely unverified because it lacks sufficient corresponding inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (February 2010) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Notes and references. External links. This page.
  2. 時期: 波幅 8: 升跌(%) 9 1個月: 192.210 - 227.065 +11.34%: 2個月: 192.210 - 278.110-10.60%: 3個月: 192.210 - 278.110-4.61%: 52週: 84.060 - 283.190 +166.26
  3. Square: Starke Vorstellung! 15.06.2021 ‧ Michael Schröder Schröders Nebenwerte‑Watchlist: Varta, Aixtron, IBU‑tec, va‑Q‑tec, Pferdewetten.de - 5 bockstarke Klassike
  4. Finance. Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Ltd. is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The company was founded on May 4, 2020 and is headquartered in New York, NY
  5. CRISPR Therapeutics Aktie im Überblick: Realtimekurs, Chart, Fundamentaldaten, sowie aktuelle Nachrichten und Meinungen

The extent is derived camarilla formula by taking the golden ratio, 0.618; square rooting Camarilla macd it and rectangular rooting it again to get 0.886. Add it to your chart and spot it in motion. Download. Share. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Previous Download Free pre market trading Forex system. Next Best 5 Minute Chart Forex Scalping Strategy That Work (2021) Related Articles. Sideway. Sentinel 033 Square. R 10,950.00. The 033 Square is the smaller cousin of the 034 but still has the same classical and elegant lines. It is also a multi fuel unit that burns wood and anthracite and has an output of 8kW for a modest to medium-sized living area. This cast iron freestanding unit has a removable ash drawer and attractive stainless steel handles. Output: 8kW (Price includes VAT. Tanishq at z square kanpur. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu

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Unify Square already provides a full set of 24x7 managed services for all aspects of the Zoom and Microsoft UC portfolio, so extending our services to the complete Microsoft 365 application set. This scan finds all stocks where today's MACD Line just moved above the MACD Signal Line: [type = stock] and [MACD Line(12,26,9) x MACD Signal(12,26,9)] Note: Using today's is optional. Similarly, daily is only really required if you are mixing daily, weekly or monthly criteria. RSI Crossing Above 70. This scan finds all stocks where today's RSI just moved above the 70 threshold. API Square 사용 신청 후, KAIRO(HTS)에서 시세 이용 신청하시기 바랍니다. 부정 사용시 환불 불가 (시세 제공이 사전 예고 없이 중단될 수 있습니다.) - 시세 재판매, 부정거래 및 의심 거래로 CME 및 금융감독 당국의 지적을 받은 계좌 Intraday Screener for stocks . How to select stocks for intraday trading using free realtime screener . You can select using Open High Low screener, Volume gainers , price gainers, support and resistance of stocks , Open interest gainers , opening range breakout , stocks near day high , stocks near day low. Best stock screener Der Macd Indikator: (Unter null - bärisch) Er ist unter der Nulllinie und die Signallinie ist unter der Triggerlinie. Somit ist das als bärisch zu werten. Der High-Low Channel - Ynvisible Interactive-Aktie: Obere-Band (bärisch) Untere-Band (bärisch). Der Kanal mit Periode 30 weist zurzeit einen Abwärtstrend auf. Denn sowohl das obere.

A tiling with squares whose side lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21. In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers, commonly denoted Fn, form a sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, such that each number is the sum of the two preceding ones, starting from 0 and 1. That is, for n > 1 MetaStock Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like more information, please call us and a product specialist will help answer your questions: In the US: 1 (800) 882-3040. International: 1 (801) 506-0900. If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, please click here to email our support team

MACD charts various settings share PSTH Pershing Square Tontine Hldgs Cl A NYSE Stock exchange Stock PSTH - Share Pershing Square Tontine Hldgs Cl A trades in NYSE Daily Support: 24.8 Order online McDonald's burgers & wraps @McDelivery. Choose from a wide range of best burgers from mcdonalds india & order online. Choose from the best mcdonalds burgers like, maharaja mac, mcaloo tikki, mcveggie, mcchicken, mcpuff & a wide variety of mcdonalds desserts. So hurry, and order burgers & wraps online now!|McDeliver 成交量加权移动平均指数(vwma)关注交易量,通过根据给定时间段内的交易量来衡量价格。 — 技术指标和信 So what is MACD ? Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): With Ljung Box test we can see that our standardized squared residuals do not reject the null hypothesis, confirming that we are not having autocorrelation between them. As we found our volatility and residuals behaviour we can proceed forecasting our next 30 days and compare to the other models. GARCH Forecasting. With the. Trader Square™, communauté francophone de trading, vous propose des analyses techniques sur le BTC et les majors Alts. ⇨ BTC après avoir fait un faux break out du range par le bas, se trouve maintenant sur sa résistance. ⇨ S'il break le range : bullish ⇨ s'il ne break pas le range, attendons nous à avoir quelques jours tumultueux

News zur Q.BEYOND AKTIE und aktueller Realtime-Aktienkurs IT-Dienstleister akquiriert Collaboration-Spezialisten: Q.beyond übernimmt Datac Kommunikationssystem George's Liked Places. 35 places updated. 35 places including Charles Grech Ltd., Club Sofitel, Sofitel London Gatwick, Mecenate Palace Hotel. George's Lists Lists George Created Lists George Followed MACD - Best Of Both Worlds - Trend and Momentum One of the most popular indicator tools out there is the MACD, or simply pronounced 'Mac-Dee.' It was developed in the late 70's by Gerald Appel. Perhaps people love this technical indicator because of its simplicity or the fact that it attempts to combine th The MACD can confirm the trend, and also show when the trend changes the direction, and this, in turn, when combined with the standard deviation, can give more reliable entry signals. When the MACD signal line and the histogram are below the zero lines, the indicator portends a bearish trend and the ability to start opening short positions

Nube Ichimoku — Análisis de tendencia — Indicadores yCryptoSEE: MACD strategy with Noise and Elliott waveWool Tartan Pocket Square in Watson Tartan – Tartan Shop
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